If you are concerned about your double chin or struggling to lose excess fat, Mesotherapy could be the ideal solution that does not involve surgery. Enjoy the benefits of this non-invasive treatment in Plainview, NY, at our Nordic Med Spa.

As we age, our skin begins losing its elasticity, meaning fat redistributes toward gravity. One of the most affected areas is beneath the chin, where you can get submental fat (double chin).

This is stubborn fat that no amount of exercise or dieting can fix. It is especially the case if you are genetically predisposed or you got it due to aging. Double chins can make you appear heavier or older, and they even appear larger in photos. Generally, submental fat creates an unattractive facial profile.

Fall In Love With Your Profile

If you look in the mirror, and don’t like your facial profile due to a double chin, you may consider getting treatment, which often involves invasive procedures like Liposuction, Coolsculpting, or a Face Lift.

However, not everyone prefers to undergo these surgical procedures. Fortunately, you can get the results you need through Kybella/ Mesotherapy in Long Island, New York, a non-invasive double chin treatment you can find at the Nordic MedSpa.

What is Kybella?

Define Your Features with Kybella

Kybella® is currently the only FDA-approved generic compounded deoxycholic acid medication used to dissolve the double chin. This injection works like other fillers. However, it targets the small pockets of fat to contour the body and improve the facial profile.

Deoxycholic acid is a popular choice as it destroys fat cells that, once destroyed, cannot accumulate fat again.

Kybella is a relatively painless procedure that gets done at the doctor’s office within 20 minutes.

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What is Mesotherapy?

Elevate Your Beauty with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is the use of injections to introduce pharmaceutical agents to target small pockets of fat cells, causing them to dissolve.

This treatment is ideal for patients with an ideal BMI that need to get rid of the fat under the chin or love handles, helping to contour the body.

Mesotherapy is not for weight loss or large areas of fat.


Revitalize Your Skin

Kybella is the most common non-invasive treatment to eliminate submental fat under the chin. However, the Deoxycholic acid-based treatment is not only limited to the double chin.

Kybella can also be used in other parts of the body to eliminate excess fat, especially in regions where dieting or exercise proves futile.

As one of the best Kybella services in Long Island, NY, professionals at Nordic MedSpa use this treatment to assist patients in achieving their desired natural aesthetic features.

Some of the key uses for Kybella include:

  • Removal of small pockets of fat in the stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips, legs, arms, and face
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Reducing spot fat
  • Reducing fat blobs after Liposuction
  • Fade wrinkles and lines
  • Reduce fat at the back of the head (especially for men)
  • Tighten loose skin


Unleash Your Radiant Glow

Kybella/ Mesotherapy is the ideal solution for removing small pockets of fat deposits beneath the chin and other body parts. Being a non-surgical solution, it also has numerous other benefits.

Here are some of the reasons why our patients prefer Kybella treatment in Long Island to alternative treatments:

  • Very effective in erasing the double chin
  • Helps get rid of stubborn fat on other parts of the body
  • No surgery is involved
  • Low risk of adverse reactions and side effects
  • Result in a more youthful appearance
  • Little to no pain
  • Fast and easy procedure
  • Long-lasting results
  • Gradual, subtle results
  • Safe and secure FDA-approved treatment
  • No general anesthetic or hospital stay
  • Short recovery time


The ideal candidate for Kybella in Long Island, NY, is someone struggling with mild to moderate submental fat. Medical professionals recommend that the ideal candidate is within five to fifteen pounds of their ideal body weight and has trouble losing stubborn fat in certain areas.

Other treatment options, such as Liposuction, may be recommended for patients with larger areas of excess fat that may be too expansive for Kybella.

Generally, you can consider Kybella if you:

  • Want a defined profile and a more youthful chin
  • Have a diet and exercise-resistant fat
  • Don’t want or are not suitable for fat-removal surgery
  • Have good skin elasticity
  • Want the appearance of weight loss and facial slimming
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding

Kybella Procedure

Unleash Your Radiant Glow

Kybella is a quick and easy treatment, also referred to as a ‘lunchtime’ procedure, as it only takes a short period before it is done. During your initial consultation, your doctor will examine your skin and get more information, including your procedure goals and medical history.

If you are approved for the procedure, there isn’t much preparation involved.


Kybella does not involve a surgical procedure, meaning there isn’t prior general anesthesia.

However, your doctor may use topical anesthesia to numb the treatment area before getting the injections.

The administration of the treatment takes about 15 – 20 minutes. Your doctor uses microneedles to minimize discomfort. This is a fast and convenient treatment with little downtime, meaning you can go back to your daily routine within a short period.


The most immediate feeling you get after the injection is a burning sensation. However, this eases out after a few hours. You may experience swelling within the first 7 – 10 days. There may also be possible bruising experienced.

The first results usually appear within a few weeks after the first treatment. You may require a series of Kybella injections, usually a month apart, for optimal results. Depending on your situation, you may need 2 – 6 injections to help you to achieve your goals.


Everyone’s condition is different, meaning the number of required treatments varies from patient to patient. Your healthcare specialist will curate a unique treatment plan for you based on the amount and distribution of the submental fat.
Once the fat is dissolved through Kybella injections, it can re-accumulate, making this a permanent solution.

There aren’t any major or permanent side effects of Kybella treatment. The most common side effects may include mild burning sensations, bruising, numbness, and pain, which your doctor resolves through pain medication.

Kybella is a form of Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is the use of injectables to dissolve fat deposits in the body. Kybella is the current only FDA-approved medicine used in Mesotherapy.
Kybella is generally considered safe and approved by the FDA for use under the chin, although it is also safely used for other areas off-label. It is not a surgical procedure, so there are no surgical risks, like scarring and reactions to general anesthesia involved.

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