What is Mesotherapy

We at Nordic Medspa predict a surge in Mesotherapy, a skin rejuvenation technique that’s
already popular in France, Japan, and Scandinavia. She anticipates a new product to be
introduced in the United States soon. Mesotherapy involves the transdermal injection of a
multivitamin solution and natural plant extracts that are believed to enhance skin aging
symptoms. Its customizability is noteworthy, as the type of solution injected into the skin or scalp
depends on the treatment goal. Mesotherapy can address issues such as hair loss, wrinkles,
pore size, and pigment concerns.

Hair Care has become a top priority for many due to various reasons such as Covid-induced hair
loss and the growing trend of discussing hair-related issues within the beauty community. As a
result, there has been a significant increase in the number of products and brands dedicated to
restoring and promoting hair growth. However, people are no longer content with just using at-
home hair restoration treatments; they are going the extra mile to seek professional help.
We are seeing that patients are increasingly seeking early interventions for hair thinning, hair
loss, and overall hair growth. We have observed a decrease in the use of extensions and wigs
as more men and women are interested in preventing hair loss and optimizing hair growth.
Fortunately, there are many options available for hair restoration. Apart from topical treatments
like Minoxidil and Rogaine, individuals can opt for exosomes or AnteAGE hair restoration
serums, growth factors.

Additionally, trials are currently underway for exosomes. These nanoparticles contain protein, DNA, and RNA from the original cells and play a significant role in regenerative medicine by enhancing the healing and repair processes. When applied or injected into individuals with early signs of alopecia or hair loss, exosomes can encourage hair follicle growth, prevent further hair loss, and promote hair regrowth, as long as the hair follicle is still present. While exosomes are not yet approved by the FDA and more research is necessary, it’s a safe treatment worth considering.

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