Revitalize and refresh your skin with our luxurious signature facials

Are you looking to regain youthful, vibrant, and blemish-free skin but don’t know where to start? We offer signature facials at the Nordic Med Spa to address your unique skincare concerns.

Whether you’re looking to brighten, hydrate, or detoxify your skin, we have the expertise and tools to help you achieve your goals. During a signature facial treatment, our expert estheticians will evaluate your skin type and condition and tailor the facial to meet your needs.

Our treatment includes various procedures, including deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, masking, and facial massage. These processes can be tweaked to help you achieve your aesthetic desires.

At Nordic Med Spa, we believe that skincare is not a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why our signature facial is personalized to meet your unique needs.

We use the latest techniques and technology to provide the most effective treatments, and our estheticians are trained in the latest skincare trends and developments. We use only the highest-quality skincare products to nourish and revitalize your skin, leaving you with a glowing, youthful complexion.


Reveal your best skin yet with expertly crafted signature facial treatments

Our signature facials are custom designed to provide the right care for specific skin types. The treatment helps to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin while preventing blemishes and improving its softness and appearance.

Depending on your unique needs, you can get some facial treatments that can go deep to clear up any underlying imperfections, while others can work on the upper layers of your skin for a brilliant appearance.
The added minerals and enzymes in our signature facial treatments soak deeply into the skin to fortify, energize, and revitalize your body.

Some of the unique benefits of our signature facials in Long Island include:

Better Blood Circulation

Without proper blood circulation throughout your body, you may experience dry and dull skin. Your skin gets massaged during our signature facial treatment.

This promotes healthy blood circulation to ensure your skin gets all the required nutrients to maintain a healthy and vibrant look.

Deep Skin Cleansing

The products used in our signature facial treatments work by getting deep into the skin and cleansing away grease, dirt, oil, and other toxins.

As a result of the treatment, you also enjoy reduced sebum production. The result of the deep cleansing and exfoliation is a more vibrant and enhanced skin.


You cannot slow aging, but you can slow down its effects on our skin. Through our signature facial, you will see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

The treatment stimulates collagen production, which is one of the key building blocks of our skin to maintain a healthy glow.


Our signature facial is ideal for patients with all skin types. This means that you can get the perfect treatment regardless of your unique needs and skin type. If you have a goal in mind, talk to us, and our expert aestheticians will provide professional advice and recommendations to help you achieve your skincare goals.

Here are the main targets for our signature facial treatments:

Aging Skin

Our skin becomes less resilient and prone to age-related blemishes, such as fine lines and wrinkles, as we get older. The skin also loses its natural ability to retain moisture.

While this is an inevitable process, we can help slow down the impacts of aging on your skin and help you to maintain radiant, glowing, youthful skin.

Dehydrated Skin

When the skin loses its natural ability to retain moisture, it becomes dry and prone to flaking. This also develops cracks on your skin, which may not be aesthetically pleasing.

To enhance your skin’s natural hydration and rejuvenation, you can visit us and discover the benefits of our signature facials as part of your skincare regimen.

Sensitive Skin

Your skin can become sensitive due to genetic or environmental factors. Regardless of the cause, sensitive skin is highly prone to outbreaks and itching.

If this is you, then you know how finding the right skincare products can be challenging.

Fortunately, a customized signature facial at the Nordic MedSpa will have bidding goodbye to all the troubles of sensitive skin.

Blemish-prone Skin​

Too much oil and dead skin cells can get trapped in clogged hair follicles. This can lead to breakouts and congested skin.

Other factors that may lead to blemishes on your skin can be hormonal changes, environmental factors, dieting, and stress.

Ask us about our customized treatment options to help you get rid of blemish-prone skin.


Discover the power of radiant skin

A signature facial procedure at Nordic MedSpa begins with your initial consultation. Our medical aestheticians will analyze your skin alongside your goals. Based on the results, they can formulate a custom facial treatment to help you achieve your goals.


The treatment takes approximately 1 hour. This means it can be performed as a ‘lunchtime’ procedure, and you can get back to your daily routine afterward. During the cosmetic facial, your skin is analyzed, cleansed, toned, and exfoliated.

Our expert aestheticians will also massage, moisturize, and mask your skin to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


This is a non-invasive facial procedure that does not require extensive recovery periods. Depending on your custom treatment goals, you may only experience minor bruising, redness, or swelling immediately after treatment.

However, this should wear off within a few hours.

Recommended Add-Ons


A light therapy treatment device that sits over your face between 10-20 minutes with a hydrating mask. Blue light treats acne, Red light increases collagen production and is great for anti-aging, treating fine lines & wrinkles. Yellow light helps to reduce inflammation and redness.


High Frequency therapy wand with neon & argon fusion. Neon provides anti-aging and radiance boosting benefits while Argon reduces inflammation for a smooth, clear and bump free complexion. The different wands we carry can be used on any part of the face, the beard & scalp. Beneficial for a variety of skin issues including acne, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots & puffiness under the eyes. Great antibacterial treatment for beard, scalp and face.


Relax even more with our heated hand gloves. After the heated treatment we will apply a rejuvenating glove mask to help the hands and nails feel smoother and more nourished. This treatment feels great during any facial session.


Starting with our Dermalogica eye peel which exfoliates & hydrates in one step we then add a second layer of the Image hydrogel eye mask. Both combined with aloe extracts, hyaluronic acid, green tea and other herbal ingredients. This will help to Resurface & Tone, Hydrate & Lift, Brighten & Replenish.


Lactic acid exfoliates and gets rid of skin impurities by lifting away dead skin cells. It is also one of the most hydrating chemical exfoliants.


Glycolic acid peels are effective for removing blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. They also help to reduce pore size. Consistent and repeated use of glycolic peels have been shown to be effective for removing cystic lesions and acne scars.


All our skin care products are natural and organic. We use the highest quality professional-grade skin care lines by Image and Dermalogica. All products used are gluten-free and vegan.

Our expert aestheticians will curate a custom treatment plan based on your unique needs and skin type. However, a facial treatment once a month may be recommended for the best results.

Arrive a few minutes early on your appointment day. This gives enough room for you not only to ask any more questions you may have and fill out the required forms, but you can also get used to the environment, which will help you feel more relaxed during treatment.

Our aestheticians will guide you on a few things to do and not to do prior to your appointment, such as avoiding makeup and certain topical creams.

Feel Special


Choosing the Nordic MedSpa in Long Island for your signature facial means choosing quality, experience, and exceptional results.

Our team of well-trained and experienced professionals, a wide range of services, high-quality products, and a luxurious environment are all but a few reasons why we are the best choice for your beauty and wellness needs.

Book your appointment today and experience the difference!